Lane Bryant Brings the Bread & Butter

Lane Bryant continues to be a really good course of basic pieces for your wardrobe. It can always be counted on for the staples you don't want to be without- items like a well made pencil skirt, a tailored top or a linen trouser. And that's GREAT. Now, if only the company would take more chances! In any case, we can't really knock L.B.'s hustle (who else would help us dress for the office?) and there is a lot to love here. Here are some of our picks from the Spring line:

Square neck sheer floral top

Embellished neckline top

Embellished vintage graphic tee shirt

Covered button denim pencil skirt

Relaxed linen trouser

Sateen crop pant

Braided accent chiffon dress

Mixed print two-fer dress


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