Jumpsuits & Rompers: Will You?

On one hand, I love the look of these one-piece creations. So carefree, so youthful. Picnic chic, right? But, when I look logically at a romper or jumpsuit, I think "Now that is for someone who has help getting dressed. Or isn't old enough to dress themselves." Besides the obvious issues of how long it will take you to answer the call of nature while you're wearing a romper and the proclivity toward "camel-toe", is it practical to be a grown woman in a jumpsuit?

Personally, I'll be wearing them a few times over the Summer, but I can't imagine them becoming wardrobe staples. Still, there are some really cute variations that might be changing my tune. I could definitely be talked into these.

INC International Concepts

Old Navy




What do you think? Will we find out this is a hot trend for warm weather? Or will we rediscover why we stopped wearing rompers in the first place?

Jada Faux Wrap Dress by Kiyonna

Is is too early to start looking at warm weather dresses? We don't think so. Afterall, it's March and Winter can't drag on forever. We love the colorful new dresses coming out for Spring and Summer. Our pick of the week comes from Kiyonna. It's a faux wrap silhouette with a spunky, modern print.

See this dress and similar pieces at Kiyonna.com.

Tyra & Teens Save You Money at Torrid

Well, sort of. Here's what's happening: In honor of the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search on the Tyra Banks show this week, Torrid giving $15 off every $75 spent. The show featured the latest denim and fashion from the clothier so they're letting you in on the celebration. Just click HERE and use the coupon code TYRA15. The offer is good through Sunday, March 7th.

By the way, the winner of the modeling competition was 17-year-old Sheridan Watson. And, yeah, we think she's pretty fierce.

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