End-of-the-Season Maxi Dresses

Believe it or not, NOW is the time to get your hands on one of those foxy maxi dresses. The weather is still hot, lot's of retailers have their Summer stock on sale right now, AND you can wear the dresses later on with a cardigan or fitted jacket. Good stuff.

Charlotte Russe
Floral Ethnic Maxi Dress

Chic Star
Black/White Chiffon Stripe Maxi Long Halter Dress

Turquoise/Navy Sexy Long Maxi Halter Printing Dress

Monif C

Danielle Leather-Trimmed Maxi Dress

Black Cobalt Blue And Silver Keyhole Maxi Halter Dress

Orange and Pink Geometric Print Maxi Dress

Lane Bryant

Fighting the Haters

What a month it's been already. No matter how much we Brickhouses increase public awareness of curvy figures, there are those who just refuse to let go of the old, outdated perceptions.

Take former-model-turned-reality-TV-personality, Janice Dickerson. You may recall that not too long ago, Dickinson had to apologize to Tyra Banks for calling Tyra "fat". This week she stepped in it once again by adding fuel to her ongoing campaign against plus-sized models. She explained to the Today Show that full-figured girls, no matter how beautiful, don’t belong on the runway.

Then. Earlier this month on MomLogic, a very illogical blogger calling herself "MILF Mommy" (don't get me started, OK?) called herself keeping it real by posting an entry called "Size 12, You're Fat!" You'll have to read the article to get to full nauseating effect. But in short she tells perfectly normal women that their husbands want them to lose weight and that they're just lazy and not doing enough to lose weight. What a crock! Never did she mention that recent studies have shown many women to be completely healthy at sizes SHE believes are unhealthful. Thank goodness "Size 12 Mommy" brought the smackdown.

Girls, don't believe the hype from the naysayers. They're not going to be able to turn the tide back to making the majority of women in this country hate themselves for being normal. The unbelievers are surrounded on all sides. They will be dragged into this century kicking-and-screaming, or they will be left behind.

Calling All Aspiring Reality Show Vixens!

MTV is looking for "beautiful and charismatic" ladies to star in their new reality show "Model Makers". The producers say they want to give 15 women the ultimate makeover.

Hmmmm... now what does that mean? We're told the contestants will be handed over to a team of stylists, trainers, and nutritionists for twelve weeks in an effort to make the contestants into their best selves.

Of course there will be drama. Of course there will be eliminations. Of course there will be tears. It's MTV, afterall. (Which means there are definitely height and weight requirements that will keep many people out.) The winner will receive $100,000, a modeling portfolio, and a personal trainer for one year.

To find out more, visit the website MTV Model Maker.

New Torrid Dresses

We all have our favorites, don't we? Torrid.com
is one of the companies curvy girls around the world constantly turn to for OUR versions of the hottest styles. Just this week, Torrid.com
released a new line of new and stylish dresses- ones that aren't too edgy but certainly aren't boring either. Just very wearable.

See the entire collection by clicking on the banner below.

New Dresses- Torrid

Handbag Luv: Fall-ing for Purses

We are loving the rich, sumptuous colors on the new Fall handbags. Lush and full-bodied, just like us. Wearing a luxurious satchel or clutch makes you feel as if you have a work of art right at your fingertips. We found some very nice bags in all price ranges and we've rarely seen so many purses with so much structure. Even the "hobos" are shaping up.


Francesco Biasia's Croc Stamped Calfskin Satchel

Violet Croco Patent Leather Bowler Bag - L.A.P.A.



Forzieri's Grommet Hobo


Lucky Brand Jeans Hobo

Dooney Aqua Bag

Nine West "Work It"

Kathy Van Zeeland "Shine Time II" Shopper

Steve Madden Getaway Tote


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