Can You Be... Fit at Any Size?

An old debate about being plus-size is getting a new shot in the arm. A new article from Time Magazine called Fit At Any Size has new evidence that you CAN be healthy at a larger-than-average size as long as you're active. It also has some interesting news on the long-term effects of yo-yo dieting. You can read the full article HERE.

Jill Scott Engaged to Drummer

Wedding Bells are ringing for a second time for one of our favorite Brickhouse muses. Sultry singer Jill Scott announced this week she's engaged to her drummer, John Roberts (also known as Lil Jon). Some New York City fans got to hear the news a few days early, though. We're told that toward the end of Jill's JVC Jazz Festival concert at Carnegie Hall last Friday, John presented Jill with a bouquet off roses and gave her a long kiss. That's when she reportedly turned and said to the audience, "Ain't life funny? We're engaged." Woo hoo!
You'll recall Jilly from Philly ended her five-year marriage to Lyzel Williams last year. But we just knew ths gem wouldn't stay on the market for long, didn't we?
Here's Jill at the BET Awards this week.

Major Summer Sale at Always For Me

Always For Me Goddess swimsuit seen in Oprah

Well, certainly made a splash this year. In addition to being featured in Seventeen and Essence magazines, one of the line's swimsuits was given Oprah's stamp of approval. Does that mean swimsuits from
will be priced out of your range? Think again!
is rolling out a big Summer sale with up to 75% on swimsuits you're sure to love. Click below for a look at the swim wear on sale through July 4th.

Plus Size Swimwear

Hot Styles From Abby Z

Now that you're pampering your lucious skin, it's time to show it off. Abby Z
is offering some really lovely sundresses for us full-figure gals. Several of the pieces have gorgeous prints or delicate beading. I won't pretend that Abby Z
is the most affordable line ever. But when it comes to style, they're hard to beat!

Abby Z Sleeveless Beaded Dress

Abby Z Sleeveless Beaded Dress

Abby Z Sleeveless Beaded Dress

Abby Z Beaded Dress

Watch Out Dress

Blown Away Dress

If you pick something up from Abby Z
, come back and tell us about it!

Give Your Feet a Retreat: Pedicure Time!

Alright, girls. It's time to take those feet out of hiding. The same skin that got you through winter will need some buffing before it shows up in sandals and flip-flops. Maxie104 has some nice tips about doing your own pedicure at home.

Sure, you can go to a salon. But you'll still need nice products to take care of your your tootsies and maintain your pedicurial glow.

For my money, some of the best foot-pampering products out there are the ones by Warm Spirit. I've tried all of these, and they're GREAT.

My feet (and my whole body) also LOVE their Mango Body Butter.

Soooooo yummy.

Sephora also has some very nice products for pampering your tootsies. Here are my personal favorites from them:

This one is a must for people who don't appreciate the minty sent of some pedicure creams. It has the most delicate floral scent imaginable. So nice!

Can we talk? There are times when your feet need some heavy-duty exfoliating. This stuff is serious business. It's usually the first treatment I use after a long winter.

Sephora also offers a couple of very nice kits for doing your pedi at home:

If you try any of these products, please come back and let me know how it goes!

Racy New Novel Features Return of Plus-Size Heroine

Jennifer Weiner does it again. She's back with a new release following the racy adventures of full-figured Cannie Shapiro. The new novel Certain Girls picks up 13 years after her story leaves off in Weiner's chick-lit hit Good In Bed.

We don't want to give away too much of the story. But both books are definitely worth a read, along with Weiner's other books. If you love reading about plus-size heroines who get the guy, Good In Bed and Certain Girls.

New Plus Modeling Agency in Chi-Town

Plus-size modeling is not a fluke. (How many times have I said that, Muffinpoops?)And it was not started by America's Next Top Model. Yet another case in point: Entrepreneur Myisha Hill is starting an plus-size modeling agency in Chicago, called X'Change Modeling. Her mission? To "increase the positive perception of plus size women in modeling, media, and making a difference in our communities." Sounds good to us!

To read more about X'Change or to find out how you can become a part of it, visit you can also watch Myisha talk about the project on NBC 5 in Chicago by clicking HERE.

Sexy At Any Size

You may have already heard about this.
Last month, the plus-size model Nancy Hayssen posed nude on the CBS show "The Insider". Now, through her controversial ad campaign, she is been letting women everywhere know they can be sexy at any size. Hayssen says, "Women need to embrace and love the bodies they are in. Yes, you are perfect. You are good enough. Love and accept yourself just the way you are."

Find out more about her on her website, The Brickhouse will definitely keep an eye out for Nancy! You go, girl!

Top 10 Hottest “Plus” Sized Celebrities is still making news with its list of the Top 10 Hottest “Plus” Sized Celebrities. Topping the list are entertainers like Jill Scott and Latifah, along with full-figured models like Whitney Thompson, Tocarra Jones, Maggie Yumi Brown, Johanna Dray, and Christina Schmidt. The ranking of luscious lovelies came out about a week ago, but the responses on several websites are still coming. Check out the list yourself and tell us what you think.

Queen Latifah Makes Waves in Miami

It shouldn't be a big deal for a woman -even a famous one- to frolic in the ocean in her bathing suit. But when that woman is plus-size, it's suddenly news. One of our favorite Brickhouses, Queen Latifah, was snapped at a beach in Miami this past week.

But the Covergirl spokesperson didn't let a little lens action spoil her fun in the sun. She flashed a wide smile, took her inflatable raft and hit the water. Good for her! And now you know why she's the queen.
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