Jumpsuits & Rompers: Will You?

On one hand, I love the look of these one-piece creations. So carefree, so youthful. Picnic chic, right? But, when I look logically at a romper or jumpsuit, I think "Now that is for someone who has help getting dressed. Or isn't old enough to dress themselves." Besides the obvious issues of how long it will take you to answer the call of nature while you're wearing a romper and the proclivity toward "camel-toe", is it practical to be a grown woman in a jumpsuit?

Personally, I'll be wearing them a few times over the Summer, but I can't imagine them becoming wardrobe staples. Still, there are some really cute variations that might be changing my tune. I could definitely be talked into these.

INC International Concepts

Old Navy




What do you think? Will we find out this is a hot trend for warm weather? Or will we rediscover why we stopped wearing rompers in the first place?


Unknown said...

I love the idea of rompers and jumpsuits, but I don't know if they will look right on me. But, I am loving the Torrid one!

Vintage Obsession said...

I am so obsessed with these.However i can never seem to find a nice pair other than on blogs:)

Jess Fields said...

I think the rompers are definitely cool, but I am so short they make me look bigger than what I am, and I definitely am NOT into that....haha. They are kind of like the really loose fitting dresses that have no shape to them.

LaShaune said...

I love love love rompers, especially the one spotted on Kim Kardashian (the Bebe one) and now I'm on a wild hunt for tasteful (and affordable) rompers that are super short! So far, my best bet has been the military-styled one at NY& Co.

arisyia said...

Those rompers are great especially the YY !

Lina Joyce Duppling said...

Last year after reading an article at http://lyndseybattle.com/the-most-recent-trend-of-the-year/ i get trough a concept of wearing rompers and jumpsuits for a change of style. For a long time of using it i never had a doubt that i have changed my style. The more i motivate my self in using them the more i get the exact look I've been looking for. Glad that for so many years these fashion trend still exists.

Kristen Malesky said...

Jumpsuits and Rompers, one of my favorite dresses to wear. Based on my experience of usage, this suits maybe used anywhere either at home, at school, at the office or even in some special occasions. It is the most elegant dress to choose in every girls closet.

Blklatina76 said...

I like the ones with pleats because if u have some stomach it hides it. I love rompers but csnt wear all of them.

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