Start The Year Off Right

Just in time for those New Year's resolutions about taking great care of ourselves, Torrid is having a fab 50% Off Clearance Event. It lasts until January 3rd, so hop over before all the good stuff is GONE. (You know that doesn't take very long.) In addition, there's also 25% Off Tops, 50% off sweaters, dresses, pants and skirts, along with lots of other good deals.

Merry Christmas, Curvy Girls!

Holiday Jewels from Igigi

If you're really looking to "knock-'em out" this holiday season, a gorgeous dress is the way to go. We are thoroughly impressed by Igigi's jewel-toned offerings for the holidays. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Cosenza Dress in Amethyst

Sienna Dress

Ophelia Dress

Josephine Dress

Check out the entire collection at Igigi's.

So, Spats. Yay or Nay?

OK. They're not quite stockings, not exactly socks, not really leg warmers - but the fashion industry believes in the functionality of the new spats. The idea is that they allow you to continue wearing your favorite warm weather shoes into the winter because they keep your ankles cozy or even add warmth to your boots. Now by my estimation, we've had about a year to snuggle up to the throwback trend that turns your little brother's marching band spats into those cuddly creations. So, how is that going? Are you ready to dip your toe into this season's oceans of knit, crochet, or brocade spats?

Ribbed Knit Spats by KnitLush

Cashmere Spats by Inhabit

Leather and Herringbone Spats by Ashes & Empires

Three Button Spats by MonjioCreations

I call these "ultra spats" but the designer calls them Bootilegs

Victorian Steampunk Spats by PoppysWickedGarden

Top left picture by the brilliant AntiCraft

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