End of Summer Sale: TopsyCurvyDesigns

Sure, it's September. But across most of the U.S., the sun is still making it's presence felt. This is a great time to wear the Summer-y outfits you love and pick up some great deals. One of our favorite Etsy shops, TopsyCurvyDesigns, is having a nice 40%-off sale on simple, delightful handmade tops like the ones below.

If you decide to check out TopsyCurvyDesigns, let them know who sent ya!

The Owl Bag: Yea or Nay?

Take a good look at this purse. There's been a lot of back and forth on the internets recently about whether it's hot-or-not. Some people feel Kate Spade's Owl Bag embodies the fun fanciful spirit of the new Fall season. Others think it's downright hideous. (I personally would rock the **** out of it, but that's just me!) But tell me, what do YOU think of the owl handbag?

Fall Colors: Green Nails

During Autumn, leaves turn from green to red and brown. But this year, expect green to stick around. The most exciting nail colors coming out for the Fall and Winter are emerald, seafoam, hunter, celery, and forest.

Just out this month is the new Chanel "Jade", a green shimmery lacquer that beauty editors and bloggers have been purring about. Jade Nail is being sold only at Chanel Boutiques and online at Chanel.com, for $25 a pop.

Now if you're willing to go a little deeper, OPI has a rich green called mysteriously "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow." Prices vary, but most are under $10. This is the one that I think I'll be trying first. But tell me, would you consider wearing any of these colors? Have you worn green or similar shades before?

Handbag of the Week: Fee'Fe

Our handbag of the week is the Martina by Fee'Fe. It features lamb skin and quilt stitching with a woven strap and chain design. It's available in brown and teal.

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