Crystal Renn in The Guardian

Crystal Renn is arguably the most well-known plus-size model right now. Of course, we all know by now what the fashion industry considers "plus". And Renn has been very open in talking about suffering from anorexia early in her career to maintain a super skinny figure. But here is Renn now looking fit, healthy and gorgeous in a spread for The Guardian:

Throughout the entire piece there is no mention of her size. In our opinion, it has to be a step forward when a mainstream publication gives several pages to an article featuring pictures of a lovely model without having to apologize (or worse, pat themselves on the back) for her measurements. But fashion politics aside (or maybe not!), what do you think of the pictures?!

Seasonal Delights for Bathing Beauties

Is everyone ready for the mad dash of the holidays??? Yeah, me neither. It's OK, though, because this year we're all going to build-in some "me time" between tasks, right? With that in mind, let's take a look at some products aimed at bathing you in holiday cheer.

Black Velvet Apricot Collection from The Body Shop (Right now, it's "buy one, get one free" on holiday favorites!)

Colour Me Christmas by LUSH Cosmetics

Cocoa and Marshmallows from Philosophy

Carol's Daughter

Sephora Brand Apple Pomegranate Bubble Bath

And in case you need a little pick-me-up after a hectic day, ThinkGeek Shower Shock

Cozy Knits from Anna Scholz

UK designers are doing fab things with cozy fabrics this season. Check out some awesome pieces from Anna Scholz

Cotton Cashmere Cardi

Pacman 50s Coat

Striped Top

Heart Sleeve Jumper

Jersey Flared Trousers

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