Court Jester

My husband calls me a harlequin when I wear these pants. Don't care. I love 'em. I love 'em so much I wear them with a plain white camp shirt to make sure I set them off. And yes, I wear them to work. Isn't that what casual Friday is for?

Hey, wrinkled-shirt police. Wondering if I own an iron? I do. I just don't know where it is because I don't use it. Because I don't know where it is.

Motto button down shirt
Tripp NYC split leg pants
Doc Martens "flats"

Links a la Mode from IFB

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August is one of my favorite months. It’s that lazy time of year where summer lingers but fall’s on the horizon; when heading back to school means amazing sales and last minute vacation getaways. Okay, confession: it’s also one of my favorites because this is the month of my birthday! And this week’s links seemed made-to-order for the occasion, like little gifts that covered all the topics I’m interested in now: the Olympics, Autumn, interviews with great artists and craftsmen, and bloggers sharing true points of view on things like the YSL mess, Instagram, and more. Sit back and enjoy — these links are even better with a slice of cake.

Shopbop Linkedin, Youtube, & G+, Chilvers, 30%, 50%, 70%, Yigal Azrouel, Ko, Kelly Wearstler & Kors Bags


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