Vintage and Other Stuff

We had dress up yesterday at the job so I decided to wear one of the vintage dresses I've collected over the years. For the most part, my outfit ended up looking like some "office rockabilly". (Is that a thing?) All I needed was a silk flower in my hair and some horn-rimmed glasses on the bridge of my nose. But I didn't have either of those so here's what happened.

Dress (Vintage) Blazer (Old Navy) Shoes (Fluevog) Jewelry (Etsy) Handbag (LM Designs) I'm always getting asked about this handbag. I bought it from someone on Livejournal who really needed the money to pay some medical bills, but the tag inside says it's made by LM Designs. I don't know if the company has gone out of business or is still around in some capacity, but I can't seem to find a stitch (no pun intended) of information about it online.

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