Forever 21 Green Galaxy Print

We had some unusually nice weather over the weekend. For me that meant skinny jeans and one of my favorite galaxy print tops. (I have TONS of space-y, galaxy, cosmic-style shirts.) This top is from Forever 21. Yes, my age is closer to 41 but I like a lot of the casual top and tees offered by Forever/Faith 21. My hair looks completely undone here, but what do you think of the outfit?

Galaxy Top:  Forever 21
Grey Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar
Mary Janes:   Nine West
Earrings:  Etsy seller Gianne's Creations  (You can barely see them bit I'll be doing close-ups of these later.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE that top! I have no space agey stuff but I'm wanting that shirt!

clarice said...

love the top indeed but also love the pants , nice color...

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