The Incredible Shrinking Crystal Renn

You have no idea how long I avoided posting this topic. I don't even know how I feel about it now. But since the mainstream media is tasting blood in the water I'd like to try to gain a little perspective and get some opinions from our brilliant readers.
Well everyone is making a big deal about new pictures that show "plus-size" supermodel Crystal Renn looking very un-plus.
I suppose I'll always cringe at the thought of the whole world keeping an eye on someone's weight. But many people see it the way writer Michael Gross does when he says, "She has cashed in on gaining weight and now she's losing's worth making an observation about."
Renn's agent says any weight loss isn't all that incredible. She said Renn was simply a little smaller after going hiking for three weeks in Patagonia.

But at the end of the day, is it anyone's business but hers? Or should she lose some measure of status if she falls off the plus-size chart? What do you think?

(Renn as a size 14 four years ago.)


Cara said...

Wow this has been talked about alot on twitter,what I truly think about is as long as she lost the weight the healthy way. From what I can tell from the photos she is still a "plus size" model...but many are angered by her weight loss and I think that it is not a big matter. Although some do hold her as a "representation" for curvy girls, I think she is allowed to lose or gain weight and do as she please.

beguiled said...

I don't understand people being angry about this model losing weight. If she's happy, what issue can there be? She didn't sign an oath about staying fat her whole life did she? The hostility she's receiving smacks of how callous people get after skinny stars balloon up. Reverse discrimination, much?

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