What I Wore This Summer

Ultra casual. Grunge-y sport. I don't know what you would call it but I spent the summer experimenting with laid-back style. Trust me, it was truly an experiment since I usually think that today's super-casual/sporty styles don't suit me AT ALL. It always seems to me that my style doesn't translate well to leisure outfits, but this time around I think I managed to find some looks I can live with. I wanted some get up and go ensembles for work and for play that would help me get out of the door. What worked? Hats galore, headbands, tapered jean capris, lip gloss (beware - I'm wearing no other makeup in these pics), cropped blazers for work, brass studs, my standby shoe-boot-wedgie thingees, black, hot pink and edgy jewelry. That said, I'm now ready for more dressy outfits! So stay tuned for more dress up posts after you check out my attempts to dress down over the summer.
A very casual Friday.

Cute print, VERY unflattering cut. I look like I'm 9 months pregnant. lol. But my kid looks cute.

Blue toes, as ever.

I only put on a dressy dress to go out with the hubs. (Pictures and reviews are coming up.)

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