So, Beth Ditto: Yay or Nay?

For years, Beth Ditto was known as the lead singer of the indie rock band The Gossip. But these days she's getting even more attention as a full-figure clothing designer for Evans and an international darling of the industry. As you'll see she brings her unique sense of punk and indie design to all of her pieces. Her new collection was released last month and since then the internet has been absolutely ABLAZE with commentary from people who fiercely love the line or despise it. So now we want to know love to know what Brickhouse readers think! Take a look at some of the pieces that we think represent Ditto's line and give us your opinion. (Just a warning: the 80s are back.)

See more of Beth Ditto's line at - but not before you let us know what you think!

Hot Denim Thursday: Military Skirt

So, hypothetically speaking, let's say the U.S. military hired a fashion-forward designer and told her to create a denim skirt for female Navy personnel. What might that skirt look like? We think it would probably have inverted pleats, military-inspired decorative buttons, and snazzy back pockets - just like this stretch denim skirt from Chic Star:

The stretch military denim skirt comes in blue or black, and goes up to 3XL. See similar styles at Chic Star.

Fluevog Forever!

Can we talk about shoes? Even when stilettos are "hot", I just cannot fathom teetering around on them. I, for one, like a shoe of substance. Not clunky or chunky, mind you. But I do love a gorgeously supportive heel- especially one made by designers such as Joan Chen, Steve Madden, Franco Sarto, Camper, FarylRobin and my favorite John Fluevog. Fluevogs in particular are very different kinds of shoes and if you don't like being noticed, they're not for you. Stepping out in them makes you feel like you're wearing works of art on your feet. They're a little bit egdy, vintage-y, rockabilly, and lots of other adjectives. In today's economy, though, I often wait for a sale to stock up. Luckily Fluevog is having a major right now up to 60% off. This is a great chance to snap up some of the classic styles- styles you can wear right now.

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