Fluevog Forever!

Can we talk about shoes? Even when stilettos are "hot", I just cannot fathom teetering around on them. I, for one, like a shoe of substance. Not clunky or chunky, mind you. But I do love a gorgeously supportive heel- especially one made by designers such as Joan Chen, Steve Madden, Franco Sarto, Camper, FarylRobin and my favorite John Fluevog. Fluevogs in particular are very different kinds of shoes and if you don't like being noticed, they're not for you. Stepping out in them makes you feel like you're wearing works of art on your feet. They're a little bit egdy, vintage-y, rockabilly, and lots of other adjectives. In today's economy, though, I often wait for a sale to stock up. Luckily Fluevog is having a major right now up to 60% off. This is a great chance to snap up some of the classic styles- styles you can wear right now.


adrin said...

Beautiful collection of shoes. Its gorgeoussss!!!!!

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