Fall Colors: Green Nails

During Autumn, leaves turn from green to red and brown. But this year, expect green to stick around. The most exciting nail colors coming out for the Fall and Winter are emerald, seafoam, hunter, celery, and forest.

Just out this month is the new Chanel "Jade", a green shimmery lacquer that beauty editors and bloggers have been purring about. Jade Nail is being sold only at Chanel Boutiques and online at Chanel.com, for $25 a pop.

Now if you're willing to go a little deeper, OPI has a rich green called mysteriously "Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow." Prices vary, but most are under $10. This is the one that I think I'll be trying first. But tell me, would you consider wearing any of these colors? Have you worn green or similar shades before?


Intrinsically Florrie said...

I bought a Barry M light green nail polish and although it looked lovely on my friend, it just didn't look right next to my skintone.
Now a darker shade is another matter entirely, but I'm going to be better about looking at the testers out of the bottles.

Florrie x

Brickhouse said...

I just got the dark green one. I'm so excited about trying it! Not sure it's Fall enough yet, though... lol.

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