Calling All Aspiring Reality Show Vixens!

MTV is looking for "beautiful and charismatic" ladies to star in their new reality show "Model Makers". The producers say they want to give 15 women the ultimate makeover.

Hmmmm... now what does that mean? We're told the contestants will be handed over to a team of stylists, trainers, and nutritionists for twelve weeks in an effort to make the contestants into their best selves.

Of course there will be drama. Of course there will be eliminations. Of course there will be tears. It's MTV, afterall. (Which means there are definitely height and weight requirements that will keep many people out.) The winner will receive $100,000, a modeling portfolio, and a personal trainer for one year.

To find out more, visit the website MTV Model Maker.


Jennifer said...

Hmmmm...this show should be inrersting!

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