Forever 21 Steps into the Plus-Size Arena

So, remember how thrilled our edgy fashionistas were about Ed Hardy adding plus-sizes? Well, this could end up being just as exciting. Or maybe not. We'll see. There isn't a whole lot of information about it right now. All we know at this time is that Forever 21 is unveiling a line of junior plus clothing in May called "Faith 21". Here's the thing to remember: The clothing at Forever 21 is in Junior's size. The line will go up to 2X, which I was initially thrilled about. But, as points out Forever 21s "current size Large fits a size 4-6 woman" meaning "a size 8 or 10 woman may be able to squeeze into a 2X". Well, that's a wrap for lots of us curvy girls. *pout* Have to admit I do enjoy plucking one or two things from "youthful" lines like Alloy or Delia's every now and then.
Ah, well. Whatever happens, we take it as yet another sign that clothiers have realized they cannot stay in business by leaving out 60 percent of the size population. Also, more full-figured youngsters will be able to fit the clothing they see their smaller friends wearing.

Other teen/trendy companies with some amount of extended sizing:

Fashion Bug for juniors sizes 3-13


Unknown said...

Well it's about fricken time!

Brickhouse said...

LOL.... agreed. Thanks for dropping in Christie!!!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful... I love to buy fashionable and stylish plus size dresses... Thanks for the information... I will pass it on!!

Anonymous said...

oooh plus size ed hardy? awesome. forever 21 is a dumbass fundie company by the way, but still nice that they have a plus size line

Anonymous said...

Size is a big problem for fashion industry. Wish forever 21 success.

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