Asos Leather Peplum Belt Review

A funny thing happened during my blog hiatus. I got caught up on my reading and actually became interested in a couple of new trends that will probably carry over to spring and summer. Here's one I got into pretty late - the peplum trend! I actually like this but not when it's over-done. Of course that didn't stop me from buying a leather peplum belt during a sale at ASOS Curve. It arrived quickly and was well-packaged. But, wow. This was one serious accessory. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it fit great and did NOT make me feel like a dominatrix. So I bit the bullet and wore it to work with one of my vintage dresses and my light velvet coat. I ended up loving it and getting lots of complements. What do you think?

Dress (Vintage)
Boots (Wild DNA)
Jacket (Newport News)
Peplum belt (ASOS Curve)

Now, I'm feeling super-inspired by my bloggy friends at FatGirlsLikeNiceClothesToo and TheCurvyFashionista to create my own peplum belt for the spring. Wish me luck on that! Oh, and forgive the blogger-in-the-bathroom shots. Now that the sun is out I'll be taking snaps a few times a week outside.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! My much-belated thanks. I’m blown away. Really, really appreciate it.

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Deena said...

Glad to be an inspiration- and loving the belt!

Brickhouse said...

Thanks, Deena! And I'll be posting much more now that things have calmed down at work. You ladies keep my inspired. :)

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