Feeling At Home Near The Water

Lots of curvy women who are entirely comfortable in their own skin feel feel self-conscious in their bathing suits. If you're one of those people, I want you to know I've found some simple ways to feel better about that than you do right now.
The first one is pretty obvious, but still important: get yourself a new swimsuit. Think about it. The swimsuit you had last year might have been to blame for any perceived awkwardness at the pool last year, especially if the piece was ill-fitting or just worn-out. Putting on a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and attractive is going to go a long way toward helping your overcome any lingering shyness.
Another way to give yourself a boost of confidence is to have a quick pep talk before you head out. I've done this with great results. Remind yourself about all your great qualities, and remember how strong and able you are. These are not small things! Once you acknowledge these truths it's easier to believe that you are what you are - BEAUTIFUL.
Grooming is an important part of this trifecta, too, and not just because we're showing more skin in the summer. Doing things like shaving or exfoliating and moisturizing our bodies makes us feel pampered and cared for.
Guys the same goes for you. Give yourself a pep talk, do some grooming, and if last years swim trunks are looking worn-out or threadbare get yourself a new pair. Thankfully, buying swimming trunks has never been easier. All you have to do is look online and you can find a huge range of trunks and swimming costumes. They come in all sizes and a variety of different styles, so there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.
Alright folks, go out there and have a great time!


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beautiful sea location

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Yes, I love that shot!

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