Who's Dressing Up For Halloween?

I am! But I have to admit I still haven't made up my mind about what my costume will be. I've been doing a little surfing around on the internet today and I picked up some ideas, so I just need to narrow down my ideas. I also found some costumes that might help you ladies who are still hunting for a sexy Halloween "gettup". Alice-in-Wonderland and pirate wench costumes seem to be all the rage.

"Pirate Wench" at BigGalsLingerie.com

Plus Size Wonder Woman costume at Amazon.com

"Miss Wonderland" at Torrid

"High Speed Hottie" at StarCostumes.com

"Admiral Pirate" at Baby Girl Boutique

"Malice" at Escapade.co.uk


The Curvy Goddess said...

I love the Pirate Wench and Wonderland costumes. I think they need to redesign the Wonder Woman costume. Not sexy enough.

Lisa Plus Size said...

Wow, these are all great. But I agree, Wonder Woman could be a bit sexier. In my opinion, Wonderland wins.

Plus Size Dorita said...

The stockings from the Malice and Wonderland costumes are awesome!

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