Playing with Color: The Makeup Edition

I'm on day four of Already Pretty's Summer Black Out 2010 challenge. So far, so good. I've shopped my closet for different color combinations, found shades that make me feel almost as "neat" as black and even rediscovered my love of certain bohemian/ethnic prints. One thing I can say for having a color deficient wardrobe, though, is that it allows you to wear color other places with wild abandon. For example, my nails have been blue, green or yellow since the start of Summer. I did have an attack of the pinks a few weeks ago, but now I'm back to wearing MAC's India Blue.

When it comes to eye makeup I wear eyeliner in several colors depending on how I feel - plum, navy blue, dark green. My favorite mascaras are still BADgal plum mascara and BADgal blue mascara by Benefit Cosmetics. Both of these make me look "all done up" when I'm seriously not.

Because I put most of the focus on my eyes, I try to stick with a nude lip. (Or should I say a faux nude?) It's just NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Cocoa with a slightly tinted gloss. I usually get NYX products from a beauty supply store or from

And under all of this is... ? I don't wear foundation, but I do use a sunscreen and a mineral skin perfector called Goddess Glow by Erzulie Cosmetics. That's it. But now you can see where I'm wearing all my color when I'm not doing the Black Out!
So tell me, how do you "play with color" when it comes to makeup?


Anonymous said...

I love NYX! I was just thinking this morning that I need to get more colors of their eye shadow.

Brickhouse said...

Oh, yes! I really enjoy their colors. Thanks for dropping in, Stacyverb. :)

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