15% Off All OldNavy.com Purchases

Hi, Gorgeous Girls! Now that Spring is here, it's definitely time for a little of the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new. With that in mind, I just had to drop in to let you guys know about this one. For today only, OldNavy is giving 15% off all purchases, plus any order over $75 gets free shipping. Just go to OldNavy.com and use the coupon code ONGET15 at checkout. And that lovely top on the left? Yep, that one and lots of other cute plus size pieces are on OldNavy.com right now.


Unknown said...

It is amazing to see Old Navy finally putting some real discounts on their items. I have been buying Old Navy products for years and it seems like they refuse to budge on prices no matter what the economy is like. It is great to see that they are finally getting with the times. To see some great apparel with low prices and free shipping, visit http://www.threadedapparel.com

frockandrollonline.com said...

EXCELLENT! (And by the way, I LOVE that your blog is called 'Brickhouse'. Commodores represent!)

Brickhouse said...

Thanks for dropping in, girls! I love seeing the comments. Corrine, I'm glad you caught that reference - not everyone does! :)

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