V Magazine's Issue With Size

Hello, Curvies! By now, you've probably heard that highly anticipated copies of V Magazine's "Size" Issue are hitting store shelves this month. By now, we also know that a plus-size model does not usually mean a plus-size woman. As MSNBC points out this week, the average American woman is considered to be a size 14 - and around 41 percent of those are a larger size. But so far the campaign is getting a positive reception (or at least well-wishes) and we think the pictures released so far are truly gorgeous. The poses range from semi-nude to fully dressed. V's editor-in-chief says, "Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. This issue is out to prove it." And let's just be honest: Crystal Renn, who is prominently featured, transcends "size-ism". But what do you think about the photos? Are layouts like this a step in the right direction? Tell us after the jump. Find more pictures at Models.com


GFS said...

I can't wait to get this copy of the magazine!

Samantha Simple said...

These ladies are working it!!


Britt said...

I love Marquita's picture! She is stunning! I am saving that picture for when I take my boudoir portraits. As a size 14-16 I am in love with my curves and my wedding dress shows it! Awesome post!!!

***Beauty, love, and frugality

Brickhouse said...

Agreed! Beauty is beauty, no matter the size. :)

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