Oprah: Why Weight?

Alright, we give. We've tried to ignore the chatter, but now the question must be asked: Why is so much being made of Oprah Winfrey's weight? Here is a self-made woman who is extremely wealthy, well-loved, with friends all over the world, and a talk show empire that won't quit. And yet, tongues are wagging about the fact that Oprah has gained back the weight she lost during... I don't know, whatever her last diet was. Today I was asked whether Oprah Winfrey might be considered a Brickhouse sort of gal. And the answer to that is "no", for one very clear reason: Oprah doesn't like herself the way she is. But, still, every few years Oprah claims to "get it" and off we run behind her latest diet shake, book, or expert.
Do we really need to know the status of Oprah's weight, measurements, and body mass composition? Where does all of this interest come from? I would like to join the chorus of bloggers who put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the media. But, I can't. People, please. Oprah is the Queen Of All Media and the Ruler Of All She Surveys. My personal opinion is that Oprah bears a huge portion of the responsibility here. She has made millions (and made millions for other people) by making her weight a focal point.
20 years ago, when she donned those skinny jeans and wheeled that wagon full of fat on stage, many people expressed disbelief that her weight was being made the subject of an entire episode. Admit it. That's a bit bizarre. Even worse was promoting the idea that a starvation diet was the way to take it off.
But things seemed to have changed in recent years when Oprah and the myriad of gurus riding her coattails appeared to change their focus to healthy-living. But what was all that really about, when just last week Oprah revealed she was embarrassed to now be up to 200 pounds? Is she the one who is letting her weight hold her back from living her "Best Life"?
Enough from me, though. I'm dying to know what you all think now that this little nugget has had a week or so to marinate in the news. Please share your comments!


Unknown said...

I could not agree with you more! I love Oprah, I really do, but this whole weight loss thing? She needs to sit down with someone who is going to tell her "Love yourself!"

If she used her platform to promote health at every size? Can you imagine what the chain reaction would be?

carla said...

she disappoints me.

Im part of her virtual network of bloggers but WILL NOT be writing about her weight.

lets move on Oprah.

there are bigger fish to fry (wink).

MarieDenee said...

You know, its a shame that she make much ado about this. Rather than speak about body positive issues, she only feeds into the media's portryal of what beauty is.
Ms Aja B. I agree with you! Nothing is wrong with being a Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus size diva! We need more ambassadors that celebrate our bodies!

Marie Denee

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