How High Can They Go?

We're talking about high heels- and not the standard 3 or 4 inch high heels. The press is all a-tizzy about the reported high-demaind for uber-high heels. Designers continue to roll-out shoes with heels that are 6 and 7 inches high. And - believe it or not - women are actually buying them. Even the Wall Street Journal is weighing in on it. We're told designer Christian Louboutin is crafting an 8 inch high shoe.
But is there really a demand for these shoes? Or are consumers just going along with a fabricated trend? As for me, I'm out. I'm taking my chips up to the stiletto window and cashing out. I just can't do it. But what do you girls think? Are you up to the challenge? I know some of you are! Tell us all about it in the comments section.
Click this vid from the "Today Show" to see more about the new heels -->



Unknown said...! My feet run screaming from heels! 8 inches...way too much!

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