Less to Love?

Wow. They really made y'all mad, didn't they? I knew some of our resident Brickhouses were steamed about seeing one of our faves Photoshop'd down to a size 6. But sounds like lots of other women aren't feeling this either.

Have we not followed the breath-of-fresh-air known as Jennifer Hudson? Did we not document her stylishness on and off the red carpet? So now, what would make anyone think that we'd like her more if they played with her picture on the cover of her self-titled debut album. Of course business is business. But is being an Academy award-winning actress, singer, and fashionista not enough?

Regardless, we still love her first single "Spotlight" which is in heavy rotation across the country. So she's definitely doing her thing and she always looks great. We just wish the industry would let her do it as who she is. The album is out September 30th.


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