New Moon Fan? Torrid Has You Covered.

It's entirely possible this post will hurt our chances for being considered a most serious fashion blog. We're OK with that. The fact is, there are LOTS of Twilight/New Moon fans out there of all ages - whether undercover or not. *winkie, winkie* And how could we resist telling you that curvy girls who are fans of the vampire/werewolf series can now display their fandom, thanks to several choice items being carried by You can even dress like "Bella".

New Moon - Poster Art Tee

Wolf Pack Bag Clip

Quileute Tribe Cuff

Bella's Green Taffeta Dress

Bella's Forest Green Corduroy Jacket

New Moon - Triple Chain Charm Necklace

See more of the Twilight/New Moon collection at


Julie said...

What, no TrueBlood? ;-)

Michael Stagg AKA Maikeru said...

All my girls LOVE Twilight. I'll be sure to pass the links along. ;)


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