Give Your Feet a Retreat: Pedicure Time!

Alright, girls. It's time to take those feet out of hiding. The same skin that got you through winter will need some buffing before it shows up in sandals and flip-flops. Maxie104 has some nice tips about doing your own pedicure at home.

Sure, you can go to a salon. But you'll still need nice products to take care of your your tootsies and maintain your pedicurial glow.

For my money, some of the best foot-pampering products out there are the ones by Warm Spirit. I've tried all off these, and they're GREAT.

My feet (and my whole body) also LOVE their Mango Body Butter.

Soooooo yummy.

Sephora also has some very nice products for pampering your tootsies. Here are my personal favorites from them:

This one is a must for people who don't appreciate the minty sent of some pedicure creams. It has the most delicate floral scent imaginable. So nice!

Can we talk? There are times when your feet need some heavy-duty exfoliating. This stuff is serious business. It's usually the first treatment I use after a long winter.

Sephora also offers a couple of very nice kits for doing your pedi at home:

If you try any of these products, please come back and let me know how it goes!


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