Bird Poop Facial?

Anything for beauty?
Eh, almost. The fact is, some so-called beauty treatments are enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Take the Geisha Facial offered by the Shizuka Spa in New York City. Well, Geisha must mean "bird poop" because a main ingredient in this facial is Nightingale droppings. No kidding. Some of us might turn up our noses, but the salon says Geisha and kabuki actors once used the secret mixture to achieve clear, unblemished complexions. Check out Shizuka's website if you're, um, interested. The poop is $180 a pop.


Rebecca said...

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am working with Shizuka New York. Thanks for your coverage of the new Geisha Facial and for helping generate buzz around this new skin care trend. Because of the recent buzz, we shot a video to show that we do indeed have a sense of humor about the Geisha Facial special ingredient - nightingale droppings. Enjoy the video at

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