Have You Ever Wanted to Buy Something Out-of-Season?

Well, the weather outside isn't frightful just yet. But Summertime is definitely a distant memory in this chilly Autumn. So, why do I have the strong, sudden urge to get one of these lace party dresses from LucieLu?

I mean - there will be parties over the holidays, right? And I could possibly Winter-up these dresses with some nice tights and a cardigan, right? Ideas?


Freckles Galore said...

I've been bookmarking tons of stuff that are definitely not winter wear. lol I feel you, girl.

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Ashe @ Dramatis Personae said...

Add some chunky tights & a cute cardigan and it's multi-season!

Brickhouse said...

Freckles, glad I'm not the only one! Maybe some of these ideas can last until Spring?

Ashe, that sounds PERFECT. I'll be skimming the 'net for tights and cardigans this week. in fact, I already own an embarrassing number of cardigans so I guess I should "shop my closet" first. Thanks so much for dropping in and please come by again. I really like your style.

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