Transitional Tops at eShakti

Admit it, you're ready for the Fall. Maybe you're not ready for Fall weather, but the more substantial clothing and accessories instead. Or maybe it's just me. Call me crazy, but I'm so over the forced carefree-ness of Summer. Bring on the drama!
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll make sure to keep you ladies updated on the end-of-Summer/start-of-Autumn sales that are still going on, but I'll also be looking ahead. Click HERE for a look at some of the fab tops has available and let me know what you think. I think they're perfect for the transition to cool weather!


Kintster Diaz said...

I like the red blouse. I'd like to feature eShakti in my blog, too. Here's my latest topic, beauty and fashion blogging, in my blog.

maryval smith said...

softest fabric and best fits for all types that i have found is cpshades! only two shops though, in santa monica and soho and they are really about creating a relationship between customer and designer.:)

Cara said...

omg noes im dreading the clothing sort of more than the actual weather!!! lol...its been a struggle for me accepting it getting cold. weather has been flip floppy too!!! lol...eshakti seems to have some really cool stuff :)

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