Macy Gray Re-Launches Plus Size Line

How do we feel about this little news nugget? Apparently, singer Macy Gray is relaunching the plus-size line "Humps." We haven't seen any drawings or images yet but if the collection takes its cues from Gray's wardrobe, it will certainly be... interesting.

Gray first unveiled "Humps" back in 2008, but the line is reportedly set to re-launch next year.


Diana said...

I love Macy Gray's music and I'm interested to see the designs...but the name "Humps" bothers me enough that it could put me off buying it. I'd rather she just put her name on it in some way - M. Gray or Gray's Curves or something. Just not that atrociously ugly word for a brand.

Jessica Kane said...

news nugget - LOVE THAT! LOL

I think - awesome - the more the bettah!

jessica kane

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