Swimsuits for Gorgeous Grown-Ups

Beautiful girls, we're coming up on one of the beach/pool-friendly holidays of the year- July 4th. This is the time of year for swimsuits, cookouts, and frolicking. Not for worry or shame. This Summer, let's challenge ourselves. Let's not just be adequate or OK or passable. Let's be awesome. Fierce. Drop-dead bombshell gorgeous. I'm not talking about buying anything. I'm talking about taking our confidence beyond lip service.
I see so many curvy and plus-size women in public who don't know yet to carry themselves with confidence. They're just hoping they've followed the right advice about covering up this, de-emphasizing that, balancing the top half with the bottom half, minimizing and so on. But, guess what? The people who tell you what you should and shouldn't wear DON'T KNOW YOU and they don't know your body. Take it all with a grain of salt because the big secret is this: some people want you to be as uptight as they are. Don't be. Be fabulous. Wear what you love, work it, and strut. Blow someone's mind. If you're happy and comfortable in it, throw your shoulders back and rock it.
Now, today we're talking about swimsuits. I don't really care where you get your swimsuit from as long as you feel GREAT in it. (Maybe you already have a super swimsuit at home!) Some of the Brickhouse sponsors have good ideas, but inspiration is everywhere so don't limit yourself. Take what you need from this post to go out and be you to the 10th power.

Always For Me Chic Natal Swim Dress - a top pick in this month's Essence magazine.

Tankini from Lane Bryant

Kiyonna Swimsuit

Old Navy Metallic Faux Tankini

I.F. Floral from Macy's

Catherine's Grommet Trim Swimdress

Now, you tell us! More swimsuit ideas???? Great! Please share all your thoughts with us (swimsuit related or not) in comments.


plusstyle said...

If you are really looking to let your inner beauty shine - be bold and beautiful with the Always For Me Goddess in red or the Always For Me Diva in pineapple yellow or citrus lime. These gorgeous tankinis let you adjust the top and bottom for just the right sexy appeal. And they are are sale NOW for just $59 ! That's 30 dollars off the original price.Don't miss out - at these prices they won't last long.


Hey there!

Those suits are really cute!!

Brickhouse said...

So glad you guys like the suits. These really were my faves and I ended up getting the little silver number up there!

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