Designer Jellies? Seriously?

I blame Crocs for opening the gateway to this rubberized madness. Everyone seems to be celebrating the return of jellies, albeit with a designer price tag. And I so want to join the plastic parade. Afterall, we're every bit as "luxe" as the next blog and I actually think some of these shoes are fun. I also know that bringing back the 80s doesn't exactly mean bringing back 80s prices. But, let's not be silly. (Or let's, as long as we know we're being silly?) Just how much do designers expect the average American woman to pay for plastic and PVC? Especially when a high price tag can do nothing to shield us from the inevitably squishy sweaty-ness that is sure to follow. Sorry, but this particular case is just see-thru.

Sorry, Marc Jacobs for using your shoe that way. Anyway, take a glance at the jellies being offered this year.

( Vivienne Westwood by Melissa - $149 , Tory Burch - $96, Marc Jacobs - $100 , Gucci - $195, Givenchy - $174, and Stuart Weitzman - $119.)

The good news is that if you ARE ready for this jelly, you can absolutely get in on this look for a sensible price. Both Target and Old Navy are also doing the jellies thing. You just might be able to pick up a pair for single digits.

Here's another way to look at the designer gels: If you've always wanted to own a pair of Jimmy Choo's and thought you never would, these $175 jelly-babies just might be the cheapest Choos and the chance you've been waiting for:



Moe said...

as you say, sweaty. Ick.

Moe said...

The first part of my comment disappeared. It was supposed to be "they are cute but..." :)

tiltedhalo said...

Are they seriously, serious? I didn't like jellies way back when...some things need to just stay gone. LOL And those price tags are ridiculous...I wonder who in all of their foolishness would pay that much for some jellies to slip and slide in all day.

MarieDenee said...

Hmmm... Jellies? I thought I put those away in the 80's! Not looking for a resurgence in those... maybe those black Givency's but who knows? Definitely one for the fence...

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