The New Kick-Butt Rainboots

Never before have so many stylish women wished for rain. With hot graphics, dazzling colors, and special effects, this year's rainboot selection is completely out of control. And we mean that in a good way! It isn't even Spring yet, but here's what we like so far:

Koi Tattoo Rainboot

Old Navy

Tretorn Glossy Rainboot in Ocean

Chooka Women's Vintage Tattoo Rain Boot


Ed Hardy Rainie Yellow


Evelyn said...

Too cute! Makes me wanna go stomp in some puddles. ;-)

Fabulous blog with crackling prose. I'll be back.


sassypackrat said...

Rain boots or "wellies" are so cute now! I've been eying a pair for a while to garden in.

lynette said...

have you checked out Plueys? it's an indie brand of limited edition wellies!

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