Off the Cuff

Wonder Woman wore them. Why shouldn't you? We're talking about cuffs- the chunky bracelets we borrowed from our moms in the eighties. But the trend (which started heating up at the end of 2008 is of course being updated. Some Hollywood types are being photographed sporting matching cuffs- one on each wrist. However you choose to wear your cuff, here are some options:

Royal blue metal bangles with hanging chains and beads


Soraya's Studded Leather Cuff Bracelet

Dolce & Gabbana White Resin Cuff


Inspired Silver

14k Gold Overlay Synthetic Turquoise Cuff Bangle


Rock Band Black Leather Leopard Cuff Bracelet


AZ Collection



Cennetta said...

Cute jewelry. I'm a cuff girl too.

Unknown said...

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