End-of-the-Season Maxi Dresses

Believe it or not, NOW is the time to get your hands on one of those foxy maxi dresses. The weather is still hot, lot's of retailers have their Summer stock on sale right now, AND you can wear the dresses later on with a cardigan or fitted jacket. Good stuff.

Charlotte Russe
Floral Ethnic Maxi Dress

Chic Star
Black/White Chiffon Stripe Maxi Long Halter Dress

Turquoise/Navy Sexy Long Maxi Halter Printing Dress

Monif C

Danielle Leather-Trimmed Maxi Dress

Black Cobalt Blue And Silver Keyhole Maxi Halter Dress

Orange and Pink Geometric Print Maxi Dress

Lane Bryant


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Man, smart idea because it will still be hot here in Atlanta until October.

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