A Brief Wedding Post on a Non-Wedding Blog

We just had to say this...
Guess what? Plus-size women are regular women!
Guess what else? Plus-size women get married! Stunning!
The fashion industry seems to have suddenly realized these simple truths and now many vendors are rushing to cater to plus-size and full-figure women. (Didn't we tell you that you were irresistable?) The good news is that all the different styles are represented. So whether brides are getting married in a grand hall or the town hall, there's something for everyone.

We were especially impressed with PlusSizeBridal, if only for the sheer volume of styles. There's no way we could do justice to the selection available. See many more styles at PlusSizeBridal.com

Style #AW205

Style #6859

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Kiyonna:
Vintage Inspired Scalloped Lace Wedding DressScalloped Lace Wedding Dress with Cummerbund


Vixen White Satin Mermaid Wedding GownDivine White Lace Halter Bridal Gown


Shimmery Mermaid DressSparkling Venus Scoop Neckline DressDiva Halter DressStrapless Starry Glitter Dress

Encouraging, isn't it? Even for those of us who aren't planning a wedding anytime soon.


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